Posted: April 2, 2011 in Great Commission, Missions, Unreached People groups


The Chaturtha are the second largest endogamous group of Jains in India. They belong to the Digambar sect and the Visa-panth. The most probable and accepted view is that they were Lhc followers of uralas which date back to Parshwanath’s time (about eighth century BC), Mahavira propounded five vratas and those Chaturtha who accepted these were known as Panchamas.

These were once a religious division, but later on they became divided into endogamous units. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word Kshetra/Kshatriya which takes the form of Kshatraru or chattaru i.e. chaturtha is Kannada, Their mother tongue is Kannada, but they speak Marathi with others in Maharashtra. Their script is Devanagari. Only elderly people know Kannada and the younger generation cannot speak it fluently. Their dress is typical of the Maharashtra pattern but the style of wearing the sari is the Kannada style. In Maharashtra they are mostly found in the districts of Sangli and Kolhapur and sporadically in Sholapur. 


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