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Not a UUPG because:

Mairal was found somewhere listed on the 1881 and 1931 census list. Khandoba is a regional Hindu deity of Maharashtra. One of the various names for Khandoba is Mairal ( under religion). OMID from 1931 sources has them listed in MH with a population of 982. They are described as musicians to Khandhoba temples with their occupation listed as beggars. There are a few people from India listed with the last name Mairal but I really doubt anyone would identify themselves as the Mairal people. Jousha list them with a population of 1,100 and speaking Marathi. This entity was from the 1997 IMA list and highlights some of the gross inaccuracies of this list that was used for the CPPI.

The Mairal people are adherents of Hinduism.  They are located in Maharashtra and West Bengal.  Total population of the Mairal is 600,026 and there are 0 Christians reported among them.


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