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The community name Domb is said to be derived from the word dumba, meaning devil.

dom a

The Dom are spread in thirty-nine districts of different states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra and

Madhya Pradesh and have 182 segments. The Dom are also called Bhangi or Dhangad, but they claim to be Bansmalik, meaning bambooworkers; bamboo-basketry is one of their traditional occupations.

 The three subgroups among them are Maghaiya or Bansmalik, Bansphor, and Leder. Earlier, Dom was used as the surname, but now they use Ram, Malik and Prasad. The Dom are landless. The Dom are believed to be the descendants of Raja Ben or Vena, from whom one of the Dom groups, Benbasi, has got its name.

The Dom or Domb are distributed in almost all parts of Orissa, but their major concentration is in Cuttack district.  They accept and exchange food and water from and with some communities of equivalent rank.


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