Halba (Marathi)

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

The name Halbi is said to be derived from ‘Aiol’ meaning plough. They are also known as the Halba. The Halbi claim to be the sons of ‘Balarama’, the elder brother of Lord Krishna and a legendary character in the Mahabharata, whose weapon was a plough.

The Halbi men wear a dhoti up to the knee known as dookhasta with a shirt known as a bandi and a turban fpagotaj or a whitecap on the head. The women wear a saree with two rounds called the Halbi nusand a blouse known as choli or jarmal.

The Halbi are an endogarnous community. They never marry outside the community. The Halbi community takes an active interest in educating their children irrespective of sex. The only factor that does not permit their children to study is economic constraints. Their attitude towards indigenous traditional medicare is favourable. They use both modern and traditional medicare.


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