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Deshwali (Change Name to Maina) (India) – Pop.  228,601

 MAINA: They are a community of Madhya Pradesh who migrated from Rajasthan a long time ago. They have two endogamous subgroups, namely Deshwali Maina (an agricultural group) and Mali Maina (a group of flower-growers and sellers) who do not intermarry. They are distributed in Bhopal and Vidisha. Marwari is their mother tongue, but they speak Hindi also and use the Devanagari script.

 Agriculture forms the basis of the subsistence economy of most Maina, substantiated with petty business and animal husbandry. Some of them serve in government and private firms. A rudimentary structure of caste council functions to resolve some of their social problems. The Maina are Hindu and worship Hanuman, Shiva, Parvati, Navdurga and other deities. Communities like the Sutar and Lohar have an obligatory relationship with the Maina agriculturists.

Deshwali rj pages 312-315



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