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The Darzi, also known as Khayyat, are tailors. The term darzi is derived from the Persian word darzan (to sew). The Darzi trace their origin from Hazrat Idris and hence they have started affixing the title Idrisi. They believe that Hazrat Idris was a teacher from whom their ancestors learnt the art of tailoring. The Darzi of Mirzapur attributes their origins to ‘Paighambar Mansoor’ who was instructed by Allah to create a group of people for sewing of cloth and save others from the cold regions.

The Darzi are endogamous. The elderly people are respected and the children loved, irrespective of sex. Joking relations are between bhabhi and devar, and with sail and bahnoi, sala and salhaj, etc. Conflicts and contradictions are generally resolved through familial compromises. Sons as well as daughters have rights of inheritance in paternal property. Eldest son gets succession.

Darji UUPGs

Darzi (Darji) A-G page 763-766


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