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The name Khatik is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Khattika’ or Kautik meaning ‘butcher or hunter’. The origin of the community is obscure. They are inferior branch of the Gadaria or shepherd in Central Provinces. In Rajasthan the Khatik claim their descent from Rajputs and many of their gotra names are identical to those of Rajputs. Their social position in Maharashtra is not that low as in the Punjab.

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The Khatik probably originated from Bhisignala in Saoner and have descended from a man called Sajan who used to sell mutton. The Khatik do not even have any folksongs to ascertain some of these stories. The name Khatik in Poona is identified with the Muslim so Khatik in Poona is known as Hatghar or Dhangar who sell fruit and vegetables. The Khatik in Uttar Pradesh call themselves Sonkar.

The Khatik are distributed sporadically throughout the state of Maharashtra mainly found in Amravati, Yeotmal, Nagpur, Akola and Buldana, whereas the Marathe are found in Nagpur, Chandrapur, Bhandara Poona and in Marathwada.

The Khatik are bilingual and their elite section can also speak English in addition to Marathi and Hindi.

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