Prabhu Kayastha

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Great Commission, Missions, Unreached People groups

A community of Maharashtra, commonly referred to as CKP, they are one of the migrant communities of Bombay who came during the sixteenth century from Mandavgad in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that their name is derived from Chandra Sena, ‘a Kshacriya ruler of Gudha’.

 The history of this community can be traced back to the onset of Muslim rule in the Deccan. The community has several clans and

lineages. They are endogamous and practice exogamy at the clan level.They consider themselves to die three other divisions, namely Pathare Prabhu, Davaned Prabhu and Dhauv Prabhu.

 The majority of them are literate. Their attitude towards modern medicare and family planning is positive. All the facilities of urban life are utilized by them.

They are distributed in urban areas and cities, like Bombay, Pune and Nagpur.



  1. Nigam says:

    Is this community a part of wider Kayastha Family, which traces their origin from Chitragupta Maharaj ?

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