Posted: April 22, 2011 in Great Commission, Missions, Unreached People groups

A community of Madhya Pradesh, the Naita are traditionally agriculturists, oil-crushers, and businessmen. The community is divided into two endogamous groups, Patel Naita and Teli Naita.

Their conversion to Islam took place when Muslim feudal chiefs ruled over this region for a considerable period of time. The original group, Naita or Naida, directly lived under the influence of Muslim rulers and this led to a large-scale conversion to Islam. However, a considerable section remained Hindu. Persistence of some of the Hindu traditions has been a characteristic feature of the Naita. They are divided into a number of clans, like Silar, Goria, Khilchi, and Khamiat.

They are concentrated in the districts of Dewas, Ujjain, Dhar, Indore, and Khargone

They speak the Malvi language Urdu is taught at primary (madarsa) level in educational institutes.

The Naita profess Islam. A qazi, their religious head, conducts various social ceremonies.


Naita N-Z pages 2559-2560


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