Somvanshi Pathare Kshatriya

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Somvanshi Kshatriya (Pathare Kshatriya) mh pages 1698-1702

The community trace their origin to Vlshwakarma. It is said that five brothers were living at Pavagadh nearly 30 kms from Baroda. Vishvakarma is said to be the father of these five sons (Manu, Maya, Twasta, Shilpi and Daivadnya). Vishavkarma, distributed the work among them: Manu for Ironwork, called the Ironsmlth; Maya for wooden work called carpenter; Twasta for copper work called coppersmith orTambat; Shilpi forstone carving called Shllpkar; Daivadnya for goldwork called goldsmith (Sonar).

The groups living in Maharashtra are the Somvanshlya Kshatriya Kasar and Jain Kasar who marry each other. The other groups like the Twasta Kasar marry among the Twastakasar only, Kansar with Kansar only. All these groups pursue the same occupation of making vessels of copper and brass.

 The Kansar are settled mainly in cities in Maharashtra. They are found in Bombay, Pune, Kolhapur and other part like Nashik, Ozar, Sugir, Nandurbar, Dhulia, Shahada, Toloda, Jalgaon, Raver, Bhusawal, Parala and Shlrur. The wastakasar orTambat are living mainly at Kolhapur, Pune. and Bombay of Maharashtra. The Somvanshiya Kshatriya Kasar are mainly at Satara and nearby districts whereas the Kansara or kasera live at Nashik, Ozar and northern Maharashtra. It is reported that the Panchal community also has the same professions and some of the cultural traits as Kasar. Other groups of Kansara, however do not Inter marry with Panchal.

The Pathare Kshatriya are one of the original  settlers of the island city of Bombay during the  thirteenth century. This community is identified  at the local level only in Mumbai City and its suburbs. The Somvanshiya Kshatriya Kasar are a member of The Tambat subgroup and are mainly engaged in selling vessels made of copper, brass, aluminum and steel. 

Normally the surnames of Somavanshis are Thanekar”, Raut, Chaudhari, Mahapatra (Mhatre), Save (Saave) and Gharatha. These are the six important families of Somavanshi Kshatriyas. Of these Thakurs were locatedin Mahim, Rauts in Bajipur, Chaudhari’s in Sopara, Mahapatra (Mhatre) in Nirmal region, and Saave in Kelva. Later some of these clans were segregated and were named as Vartak, Patil and those who went to Mumbai region were called Churi.

Here is a list of Somvanshi Pathare Kshatriya surnames:

  • Thanekar”
  • Kathe
  • Raut
  • Patil
  • Goregaonkar
  • Bhatte
  • Patke
  • Marketkar
  • Chogale
  • Bari
  • Mhatre
  • Mahant
  • Paralkar
  • Dadarkar
  • Date
  • Dhal
  • Worlikar
  • Chemburkar
  • Pathare
  • Mantri
  • Medhekar
  • Naik
  • Surnaik
  • Tekalkar
  • Thakur
  • Gharat
  • Pansare
  • Bhagat
  • Wani
  • Kemnaik
  • Kene
  • Gurav
  • Karbhari
  • Save
  • Pradhan
  • Raul
  • Chaulkar
  • Ovalekar

Some people use ‘kar’ after their names of place of origin or residence as their surnames

  1. Arundhati patil says:

    please add Vartak,Purav, Chaudhari

  2. ganesh says:


    I want more info abt this community like dere religion cast clans goddesss dere native places etc

    will u please help me in this.

  3. Smita says:

    mala somvashi pathare chya lagnache vidi ani padhati chi mhaiti havi aahe milel ka??

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