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Koli Malhar Virtual Prayer walk

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The Malhar Koli are also referred to as the Panbhare Koli (derived from the traditional occupation of supplying water to villagers and strangers) and as the Chumbli Koli (derived from the chumba, a twisted cloth kept on the head while carrying water pots. They are also known as the Kunam Koli possibly because they eat and are associated with the Kunbi.

 The name Malhar is probably derived from either the Dravidian mala meaning a hill or from the worship of the God Malhar. Mackintosh (1844) calls them one of the purest and most respectable of all the Kolls. They accept the superiority of the Mahadeo Kolis.

They are notified as a Scheduled Tribe only in the Thana district. In the district they are found in all the 12 tahsils and are concentrate in the rural areas. The census figure as reported in 1961 is 89,047. Marathi is claimed to be their ancestral language which is spoken at home and outside. Many of them know Hindi and Gujarati.

(2001 population : 233,617)

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